5 Quotes From One Of The Best Minecraft Streamers On Twitch – Quackity

Alexis who is better known as Quackity, is a Mexican YouTuber known for multiple gaming videos, including Minecraft, although as of late, he has gained lots of traction due to being part of the Dream SMP.

Quackity quickly made a home in the Dream SMP community, becoming notably close to members such as Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl and BadBoyHalo. Quackity is well known for being charismatic and funny, often causing lots of chaos with his jokes, as well as making his friends and community laugh, with seemingly little to no effort.

In this blog, we will introduce to you the 5 best Minecraft Streamer Quackity Quotes.

Where are the askers
“Where are the askers, my friend…”

5 Quotes From One Of The Best Minecraft Streamers On Twitch - Quackity
5 Quotes From One Of The Best Minecraft Streamers On Twitch – Quackity

This quote stems from another song written by Quackity himself. Along with Minecraft YouTubers Dream, Karl and GeorgeNotFound, Quackity begins by streaming Five Nights at Freddy’s, before pranking Dream by playing him a song titled, “Where are the askers?”, which has become a popular saying amongst the Minecraft friend group.

A song about Netherite
“Netherite, that’s the way to go!”

Making an appearance on GeorgeNotFounds stream, together they go on a mission to mine Netherite in Minecraft. After they use beds to make massive holes in the ground of the Nether, Quackity believes it’s the best time to make a song about Netherite.
The song is short, but one quote from the song sticks out the most, and it is “Netherite, that’s the way to go!” This quote has been infamous throughout the Minecraft community, and has been part of a TikTok sound!

Quackity’s reaction to a donation
“Thats poggers, oh that’s poggers… That’s not poggers.”

During another stream, Quackity is both reading chat and taking note of donations, whilst actively responding to both. He responds to something with “That’s poggers, oh that’s poggers,” and starts to continue before a donation comes through, mentioning that the person’s mom is dead.
Quackity pauses for a moment before responding with “That’s not pogers.” This is yet another popular clip of Quackity, being used in many compilations and being used as its own TikTok sound.

A classic
“Someone just said “go white boy go”

This is a short clip, but Quackity takes the time to read the chat on his Twitch stream and is about to tell a funny story of something that happened to him earlier in the day before reading a comment aloud.
The comment was, “Someone just said ‘go white boy go'”, and after Quackity reads the comment, he seems mildly disappointed, yet he appears to think it’s funny all the same.

A Song for BadBoyHalo
“This one’s for BadBoyHalo!”

5 Quotes From One Of The Best Minecraft Streamers On Twitch - Quackity
5 Quotes From One Of The Best Minecraft Streamers On Twitch – Quackity

In this clip from Quackity’s stream where he is playing Minecraft, a donation appears, asking “any lice cult in chat”. Quackity reads it and then decides that it’s time to serenade another Minecraft YouTuber and streamer, BadBoyHalo.
He does this by singing him a song about how BadBoyHalo has lice. While the entire song is iconic, the quote before he starts the song, “This one’s for BadBoyHalo” has become very well known throughout the Minecraft community.

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